GreekGodx Weight Loss Secret is Keto Diet?

GreekGodx Weight Loss

We have so many internet sensations related to instant and amazing body transformation.

GreekGodx is one of the popular ones that astounds people by losing over 170 pounds of weight.

That’s right, the son of a gun had managed to go at 200 pounds from 370.

What’s The Secret Behind GreekGodx Weight Loss?

For those who may not know about Greek Gods, his real name is Dimitri Antonatos, he is a Twitch Streamer who recently got popular because of his fans.

The chubby guy didn’t hesitate to show his flabby body in front of a camera and for such thing, he got endorsed by millions.

The streaming platform is all about displaying the amazing transformations and Greekgodx has done it so far.

2 years ago, GreekGodx doctor advised him to put down some weight as it was affecting his body from inside.

We all know weight gain is associated with so many health hazards, starting with the cardiovascular complications which Dimitri somehow experienced and posted “Enough is Enough” tweet.

He weighed about 369 pounds and after he lost 70 pounds in the first year.

At first, you couldn’t recognize GreekGodx from his physique, the hanging and sagging skin which he showed off wasn’t a part of him anymore.

 “I can show you my loose skin, I don’t care,” he said before getting up from his chair and lifting his shirt.

You can see that his skin sort of hangs around the front and sides; because it was stretched out for such a long time, it still retains its original shape even though the fat underneath is all gone.

This leaves Greek with some unfortunate excess that is really hard to get rid of.

For now, we know the secret behind GreekGodx weight loss was pure keto diet and dietary supplements (keto-related) but we’ll see more as many facts come to fore.

Did GreekGodx Tried Surgery?

Surgical scars are something Dimitri Antonatos was afraid of but he also wanted to get rid of his saggy skin.

There was something about his body which he had no problem with, probably that’s why he is still happy with a little bit of them anyway.

Within 2 years’ fans were amazed to see how much he put down his weight.

How Keto Diet Helped Dimitri Antonatos a.k.a GreekGodx Lose Weight?

A ketogenic diet is a dietary plan which involves less intake of carbs and more proteins and fats.

How did Greek lose so much weight?

The purpose is to reduce the belly fat and produce ketone bodies which require fat cells for energy enhancement. That’s why you see him energized throughout the streaming sessions.

GreekGodx wanted to have lean muscle mass retained which is what Keto Diet Pills are all about.

We will come to that part later but for now, let’s see what kept GreekGodx on the keto diet for so long.

The ketogenic diet plan allowed him to consume around 5% of carbs in all his meals which in comparison with the past involved 70% of the diet.

Similarly, the intake of poultry items and lean meat is advised for lean muscle mass. Diets with fats are a main part of the ketogenic diet which is basically not for your body but brain cells.

The human body consumes the majority of healthy fats in the brain part which is comprised of 99% of fat tissues itself.

GreekGodx weight loss practices started in April 2018 and it took him around a year to put on some muscles.

“This is all skin, but I can fill it with muscle easy clap,” he said.

GreekGodx Used Keto Diet Pills

One of his streaming videos clearly mentioned the health benefits of Keto Diet Pills which to some fans made sense since it worked on many renowned celebrities.

GreekGodx like many other internet sensations used Shark Tank Keto Pills which are not easy to buy these days. Because of the massive growth of keto diet pills at every corner not all of them can be trusted.

The exact brand is unknown but as far as the GreekGodx fan base says, he was more into Shark tank keto pills which may be available online.

What Do Keto Diet Pills Do?

Keto diet pills are the companion with a ketogenic diet which supports its function by making extra ketone bodies, instantly.

The whole purpose of taking keto diet pills is to shorten the process and struggles for weight loss, not sure if GreekGodx took diet pills at first because it took him around a year to shed 70 pounds which is more than enough.

The 2nd phase where he got ripped-look with the boxing gloves is probably when he was taking shark tank keto pills.


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Other Weight Loss Activities of GreekGodx

It was not only diet or diet pills but a vigorous amount of exercise that he did every day. GreekGodx started at 370 pounds in 2018, in April 2019 he was under 300 pounds after which he got more jacked in just 8 months.

Dimitri foresaw the possibilities for 250 pounds which in fact may be the number that he is currently on.

Last November, GreekGodx stopped streaming, he often shared his weight loss journey in hid video though.

GreekGodx Appearance in Twitter

After disappearing from Twitch, GreekGodx took his weight loss progress pictures to Twitter. He started sharing his weekly weight loss progress and stated his lean muscles are back with pounds of fat gone.

He also claimed to start streaming with his new and transformed looks with, hopeful more broadcasts once he heads back to America.

Until then, fans of Greekgodx will have to keep an eye on his Twitter for any more improvement, and the occasional Mizkif stream with the trending hero.

What About GreekGodx Diet Pills? Can You Buy Them?

Keto diet pills are the part of ketogenic diet which according to many rumors GreekGodx personally used.

GreekGodx shows off his incredible weight loss

The fact that keto diet pills are available at every corner makes them even more doubtful for the mind.

Shark Tank Keto Pills are the best type of keto diet pills that have pure BHB Ketones.

Can You Buy Shark Tank Keto Pills at GNC?

GNC is not the place you would want to end up searching for diet pills.

The natural and 100% safe keto diet pills are not sold at GNC but online only. These are the official sites by the company that sells Keto Diet Pills which are guaranteed and authentic.

Does Walmart Sell Keto Diet Pills?

The recent lockdown has made it clear for millions of users that Walmart does not sell keto diet pills, at least not the effective ones.

There is more of Keto Diet Pills than just meet the eyes, first of all, they have exogenous ketone bodies

AS WELL AS natural substitutes which performs an overwhelming weight loss like it did in the case of our hero Dimitri a.k.a GreekGodx.

Do Not Buy GreekGodx Keto Pills from Amazon

Amazon is not a safe place to buy Keto Pills, why?

There are several reasons one of which is the buyers become sellers. Like they purchase a bundle of keto diet pills and sell it to other audiences with no cap on the commissions.

It seems like Amazon has become a fair platform for such scammers.

Final Verdict about GreekGodx Weight Loss

Apparently, his body really needed a touch of weight loss, and also because to inhibit further health complications, the decision about losing weight was the wisest decision Dimitri Antonatos had made.

His weight loss transformation is one of the great examples of how to lose weight with faith and dedication.

While faith and dedications played their part, the ketogenic diet helped GreekGodx got his current body which has no poisonous carbohydrate in excess neither the fat, his lean muscles are the evidence of how successfully he put down the stubborn fat.

GreekGodx exercises every day and performs various types of sports, boxing is one of them which keeps GreekGodx in the right stamina and power.

His latest Twitter updates about his weight loss are an inspiration to millions of people worldwide.


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